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Since 2017, our team has transferred years of experience in biologics research and development to the research of clinical nutritional therapy and FSMPs(Formula Foods for Special Medical Purposes), and obtained the approval certificate of domestic whole nutrient formula food earlier in China. Since then, our nutritional solutions have provided nutritional support for the treatment of millions of patients' diseases and contributed to a better healing life. This pioneering spirit continues to this day, forming a [Comprehensive Nutrition] solution for the whole person, the whole process, and the whole specialty of clinical patients, opening up a healthy future with technology.

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    Provide up-to-date academic information, national compliance business policies, and support medical professionals and healthcare service providers in achieving the ideal application of practice.
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    More than 20,000 health care cooperative terminals nationwide provide nutritional treatment and rehabilitation services to patients.
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  • 鲲鱼健康药业荣获2019年度江苏省省级小巨人企业(创新类)荣誉
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    Contact our team of experts for guidance on product use and ingredients, as well as services such as sample acquisition. Or help you contact your local Kwins Health team to address your specific questions.
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